How About a Rolls-Royce Fully Packed with Carbon Fiber Kit?

The British-based luxury carmaker Rolls-Royce needs no presentation, the company delivered and still delivers what it has promised at the beginning of its time: extremely luxurious and high-performance models, specially built for royalties and big bosses.

And since the carmaker is now building bigger and more imposing models, and that to keep up with the latest trends in the auto industry, it was a matter of time until some aftermarket shops would try a different approach.

I mean, why not fitting a full carbon fiber package on a Rolls-Royce model? Well, it might be quite bizarre, as carbon fiber is not meant for all models, being particularly aimed at sports car, which would improve their handling characteristics and make them more powerful on the road.

However, two tuners have recently revealed a completely new project on a Rolls-Royce model, this lad coming with a carbon fiber package and a spicy price with it. Bengala Automotive of Spain and Vitesse AuDessus from US have joint forces to put all the carbon fiber pieces available on this model.

The tuners have fitted it with a lot of carbon on the boot lid, deck lid, roof, bonnet, grille surround, mirror caps, windscreen surround, not forgetting the wheels as well.

And the result is what you get to see in the photo gallery below. I can`t say I`m blown away, but it is a good start in seeing a luxurious Rolls-Royce all adorned with carbon fiber. And I also have to take into account what Shoghi Saeidnia, Design Chief and Bengala CEO, said in a recent interview, that “forged carbon fibre is an extraordinary development for the automotive industry”, which in this case, perfectly communicates with the car`s aesthetics and “opulent luxury”.


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