Teaser Video: 2016 BMW M2 Coupe with Armytrix Exhaust Is a Real Sounder

We have seen the gorgeous 2016 BMW M2 Coupe wearing all kinds of interesting body styling kits and adorned with different standout exhaust systems that bring its engine sound closer and closer to perfection.

From where I stand, there are two main tuners worldwide that provide blasting exhaust systems for different hot models, and they are no other than Akrapovic and Armytrix. Until recently, I considered the Lithuanian –based Akrapovic the best there is, but this teaser here released by Armytrix, kinda made me changed my mind.

The teaser video released by Armytrix is showcasing this exquisite BMW M2 Coupe revving its engine up to a point it begins to make a big haul. Unfortunately, there is still much work to be done and we still have to wait for a little while to see it in full action.

There are some important mechanical bits that can transform the M2 Coupe into the best and perfect car, and that would be the full Armytrix valved exhaust system. Also, the model has been fitted with the KW 3 way Clubsport kit and the KW suspension variant 3 coil-over, the first one being used for the track while the latter is more road-focused. And as we can see in the video, the two setups lower the car and provide it with greater stance and stability.

The main highlight of the entire Armytrix exhaust system is that the car`s soundtrack can be modified as you want it; you can have it extremely quiet while standing still or making it extremely loud when reaching full throttle. More than that, a full exhaust kit usually comes with a power increase, but as already said, this teaser video is only showing us part of a much more complex upgrade kit carried out by Amrytrix exhaust tuner! Stay tuned for more info on this amazing project, meanwhile enjoy the video and try to guess the power boost!


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