Mute Video: 2016 BMW M2 Coupe Wears Hamann`s Specially Designed Wheels

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Hamann is considered one of the most famous tuners worldwide, providing exquisite tuning programs for hot models, and BMW carmaker is a regular custom.

We have seen many BMW M3s, M4s, 2- or 3-Series models receiving outstanding power kits and wide body kits, but we`ve rarely encountered any model fitting just a set of their wheels.

Recently, a mute video popping up on YouTube is showcasing this gorgeous Alpine White 2016 BMW M2 Coupe wearing the tuner`s 20-inch Anniversary Evo wheels, which make the model look extremely cool.

I am not sure why the mute video, but perhaps this might be a clear indication that the technicians have still a lot to say about the model, meaning a complete body kit and some increased performance figures under the hood, all coming in the near future.

So far, aside the one-off wheels, they can offer a two sets of pedal covers with the tuner`s logo in silver or black anodized aluminum as well as a LED door projector with the same logo.

As for the performance under the hood, we are also waiting for good news, with power to exceed 400 or 500 horsepower. If we look back at their custom M3s or M4s we can observe the impressive power output that is a custom job for Hamann. Long live Hamann!

Until further news, enjoy the mute video with the Hamann BMW M2 Coupe displaying its fine-looking Anniversary Evo wheels!


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