The BMW 7 Series Was Declared The 2016 World Luxury Car

Everyone knows that BMW made and still make some of the most advanced and luxurious cars in the world, also with less fuel consumption or electric cars, because of the advanced technology that BMW develops day by day. BMW has won numerous awards last years, and now it is the moment for the BMW’s flagship, BMW 7 Series, that was launched last fall to win the “2016 World Luxury Car of The Year” at the New York International Auto Show.

The “World Luxury Car” category was first added in 2014, on that year the winner of the “World Luxury Car” title was the Mercedes S-Class and again, in 2015, Mercedes won the title with its S-Class Coupe. 2016 is the 3rd year of the “World Luxury Car” event and BMW’s 7 Series manages to win the prestigious “World Luxury Car Of the Year” award. BMW 7 Series is a top car that provides comfort and luxury at high standards and that uses 25 technologies of which 13 were awarded for the high class segment. Among the newer technologies we can enumerate some of them: Active Gesture Control, Carbon Core to reduce weight (this means more driving dynamics and performance), ambient “sky lounge” sunroof and others. Do these technologies sound well, right? Yes!

The competition’s name is “World Car Awards” and was supported by 73 top automotive journalists from different countries who have declared the BMW 7 Series, the winner of the title.

BMW 7 Series 2016 World Car of  The year (10)

The World Car jurors observed that,

“This is the flagship model for the Bavarian car maker, and so it simply has to be the epitome of what the brand represents in terms of technology, design and performance. And the new 7 Series certainly delivers. It is very much the new face of BMW in the new family design – and yet it is a classic BMW all at once. The new 7 Series brings in new features like the ambient ‘sky lounge’ sunroof, the ambient air package and the all-new gesture control.”

Dr. Ian Robertson (BMW AG), added,

“We are delighted and honoured that the BMW 7 Series has been recognised as the World Luxury Car of the Year. Since it launched last autumn, the response from both the media and our customers has been extremely positive, with people especially appreciative of the way the 7 Series combines superb modern luxury with the outstanding driving dynamics BMW is famous for.”

Congrats BMW!

BMW 7 Series Photo Gallery (Full HD Wallpapers)


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T.Kelvin Munyoro
T.Kelvin Munyoro
7 years ago

i like BMW is my best brand germany car and it is durability and good comfort

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