BMW i6 Crossover Pops-Up in New Renderings

BMW has big plans with its “i” segment, the carmaker planning new and highly-advanced models, starting with the next-gen BMW i3 and BMW i8 and continuing with the long-rumored BMW i6 Crossover, which is due to arrive somewhere in 2020.

The latter one, the BMW i6 Crossover, has caught the attention of RM Car Design, which has recently released some new renderings with the upcoming model. I emphasize on “the upcoming model,” as the German carmaker is indeed planning a highly-advanced i6 Crossover.

The idea was also confirmed by CEO Harald Kruger, who stated, in an interview with Car Magazine, that he and his staff are embracing the idea of developing an “i” crossover which would resemble the Citroen DS5.

From a visual standpoint, the renderings highlight the BMW i6 Crossover with a sloping roofline, higher ride, i8-like kidney grille, and other body parts taken from the i3 and the i5. The entire design is complemented by the lightweight alloy wheels.

Underneath the skin, the BMW i6 Crossover is also believed to come with the FSAR architecture, consisting of carbon fiber elements, which will lead the way to more advanced and efficient battery packs.

In terms of performance, Harald Kruger has also hinted at the possibility of using new lithium-polymer battery, which will triple the electric capacity up to 500 kWh, the technology being supplied by Bosch. The electric mile range will be also improved to 300, also thanks to the car`s reduced weight. Two or even three electric motors would send the power to all wheels.


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