Video: BMW i8-Based Ʃtos Concept by Rinspeed

The Switzerland-based Rinspeed carmaker is well-known for its futuristic concepts, which may one day revolutionize the entire auto industry.

With the 2016 CES knocking at the door next January, Rinspeed has prepared a BMW i8-based high-tech model, called the Ʃtos Hybrid Concept, which previews the self-driving concept, also highlighted in the videos below.

From their own perspective, the future concepts and models would be based on the self-driving motif, the driver and the passengers inside taking full advantage of the “visionary high-tech” features.

From a visual standpoint, the Ʃtos Concept, based on the i8, is making use of extremely lightweight components like ceramic and metal, along with the 20-inch Borbet GTX aluminum alloy wheels.

Apart the futuristic appearance, most of the high-tech characteristics are envisioned inside, the cabin being fully tweaked with features that we might find on a regular model in a hundred years from now. Let`s take the ZF TRW steering wheel for instance, which can fold and retract, as the unit simply “disappears in the dashboard”, creating additional space for the driver and allowing him to read a book about Silicon Valley until reaching his destination.

Another important high-tech characteristic is the Harman Connected Car technology, a sort of a personal assistant, anticipating any situation that otherwise would distract the passengers. The system can also be activated and controlled by voice command, gestures or touch input.

The fantasy list continues with a HD exterior camera which monitors the car` surroundings and offers a 180-degree panoramic view, the system also acting as “exterior mirrors”, detecting people or animals around the car.

But as the carmaker says, perhaps the most interesting gadget that the Ʃtos Concept comes with, is the on-board DJI drone with a landing platform in the rear, which can be transformed into “a visual dancefloor”, thanks to the 12,000 individually controlled LEDs.

It would be quite interesting seeing this BMW i8-based Ʃtos Concept at the 2016 CES, next January, with more details to be found out, especially concerning the concept`s hybrid powertrain. Meanwhile, enjoy the two videos and the photo gallery with the Ʃtos Concept!


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Anton Frey
Anton Frey
7 years ago

Dear Sirs.

Your offer by Rinspeed is welcome.

I thank you,

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