Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper Limited-Edition Presented

Business traveling can be really exhausting as you have to spend hours in the back of your luxurious Rolls-Royce. But the British camraker has recently launched a limited-edition Cocktail Hamper , which can make the trip more comfortable.

Now, you can leave away your champagne and enjoy the full flavor of various cocktails prepared by the Cocktail Hamper, while set up an appointment with an important business client.

The limited-edition Cocktail Hamper was designed by Rolls-Royce Accessories Designer Sina Maria Eggl in a partnership with experts from Dorchester Collection`s London Hotels, the hand-crafted process being carried out for a period of around eight weeks. The materials used refer to American Walnut Wood and Natural Grain Leather.

The Cocktail Hamper is highlighted by an automatic integrated light, which provides it with a warm glow, giving the impression of a luxurious bar. The hamper is fully accessorised with a paring knife for instance, which is magnetically housed in a recess hewn. The glasses are made of beech wood moulds, which provide a smooth surface and a luxurious feel.

The company has created a limited-edition of just 15 hampers and in case you are a rich customer with an exclusive Rolls-Royce, then you can order one by contacting your closest Rolls-Royce dealerships as soon as possible.


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