Video: F82 BMW M4 by AC SChnitzer, Shows Off at Sachsenring

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The fully customized F82 BMW M4 by aftermarket specialists from AC Schnitzer tuning company has been recently seen in a new video while performing a lap record at the Sachsenring race track.

This powerful F82 BMW M4 was first seen back in Spring when the model was presented with a performance kit under the hood and an aero kit at the exterior.

In terms of performance, this BMW M4 has been fitted with a remapped ECU and a custom exhaust system, which raised the car`s power from the stock 430 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque to a good 510 horsepower and 645 Nm of torque.

With the new power, this BMW M4 managed to set a new lap record at Sachsenring, with 1:31.80 time.

In terms of visuals, the F82 BMW M4 seen here has also received a new aero kit, with the new front splitter with side flaps and tall rear spoiler, sport suspension, new braking system, light alloy wheels, all of them contributing to the car`s performance on the track.

The video below best highlights the display of power of the F82 BMW M4 by Schnitzer. Enjoy and don’t forget that your opinion does count!


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