F82 BMW M4 Insane Color Wrap by Impressive Wrap

I have seen hundreds of BMW M4s being customized by aftermarket shops all over the world but I have to admit that this one seen here wearing this outstanding finish by Impressive Wrap, is one of the most insane ones.

It is extraordinary hot, the most exotic paint that only Impressive Wrap tuner could have done it. It is the perfect case of “things getting out of control”, this pink exterior perfectly showcasing every design lines that the model is coming with.

Also, this is perhaps one of the fewest M4s that has not received any important body details, the coupe itself coming with an aggressive body style.

Another thing worth mentioning is the wheels, which perfectly complement the entire design and exterior color. They are sized 255/40 ZR18 95Y and 275/40 ZR18 99Y front and rear and are made from lightweight materials, which provide the model with a better grip and greater stance.

No performance have been carried out under the hood, this F82 BMW M4 still keeping the 3.0-liter BMW Twin Power Turbo engine, which develops 425 horsepower.

This should be enough for the model to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.8 seconds, thanks to the Launch Control system, at a topping of a limited 250 km/h speed. But you can also raise the speed by using a delimiter option. No prices announced for this particular F82 BMW M4.


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