Updated Info: BMW and McLaren`s Plan of a Supercar Is Just a Prank

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Just a while ago, CAR magazine issued a report according to which BMW and McLaren might be working on a supercar that would come out in 2017 and reach dealerships in 2019.

However, an updated info have just denied the aforementioned information, as the BMW M`s CEO has just stated to Motoring magazine in a press release, that such a joint project would never see the daylight.

Frank van Meel, the M`s CEO has denied the existence of a supercar developed by BMW and McLaren, which would be powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine, with two electric motors and an overall of 750 horsepower.

“We admire McLaren and we have obviously worked with them in the past, but there is nothing on the agenda,” van Meel also stated.

The denial is also based on the last statements of other CEOs from BMW, like Harald Kruger or Klaus Frohlic, the Director from BMW`s Research and Development department, who have also denied the existence of such a supercar. The whole idea is nothing but a prank.

On the other hand, Frank van Meel took advantage of the situation and also stated that BMW is ready to move forward with the next generation of the i8 plug-in hybrid or the all-electric i3, which are set to come with the most advanced technologies.

“The halo car of the entire BMW brand is the i8 and a lot of money and engineering has been invested in it. It will remain the only halo for its lifecycle,” van Meel also concluded.


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