BMW i8 by Turner Motorsports

The BMW i8 is that outstanding plug-in hybrid that you want to meet on the streets, even if it comes with the standard features. But what you do when you get a closer look at a freshly tuned-up i8? You get shivers down the spines, that`s a guarantee, I tell you that!

It is also the case of these exquisite BMW i8 all wrapped in a new “dress” by the aftermarket specialists from the Turner Motorsports tuning company. The mods start with the yellow paint and the blue accents on the front grille and wheels, which make it a real eye-catcher on the streets.

Apart the gorgeous and exotic body wrap, the Turner Motorsports have also fitted this BMW i8 with some cool body parts, adding the H&R Sport Springs, the A-arm camber, titanium exhaust system, as well as the one-off Forgeline AR1 Monoblocks wheels, which provide the model with a greater stance.

As we might have expected for this one as well, the aftermarket specialists have not carried out any mods under the hood, this BMW i8 still packing the 1.5-liter synchronous turbo gasoline engine which is hooked to an electric motor via a 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery.

The entire power stands at the 357 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque, which makes it indeed one of the most powerful plug-in hybrid models in the world. The “good news” is that this particular model has a base price of “just” $145,000. But considering that it comes with only 6,000 miles and a heck of a body and paint, it is worth the money.


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