BMW M4 Receives Power Upgrade from VOS, Prices Unveiled

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The BMW M4 is one of the standout models that the Bavarian carmaker has ever released on the market, the sports car becoming a genuine and continuous inspiration for a lot of aftermarket specialists out there.

It is also the case of the aftermarket specialists from VOS tuning, who have recently fitted the gorgeous BMW M4 with some slight body changes as well as a power upgrade kit under the hood. The tuner has also released the prices for the aforementioned changes.

To start with the body, this BMW M4 has been fitted with a carbon fiber diffuser, priced at 799 euros, carbon fiber side mirror casings, costing 599 euros, as well as the one-off 20-inch BBS lightweight alloy wheels, for an additional 4,595 euros.

Next, the VOS tuner has installed the 2,490 euro power kit, which increases the power of the M4 from 431 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque to an impressive 550 horsepower and 710 Nm of torque.

Additional features that increase the performance of this BMW M4 refer to KW Clubsport 3 suspension system, available at 4,199 euros, Brembo six-piston calipers costing 9,850 euros, as well as the new stainless steel sport exhaust system, coming at 4,890 euros.

Now we can see that a custom program for the BMW M4 does not come cheap, but it will definitely worth the effort. Enjoy the small photo gallery with the BMW M4 by VOS and don`t forget that your opinion does count!


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