BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports

BMW M4 Receives Extreme Body Kit from TAG Motorsports

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I simply cannot find the wright words to describe this BMW M4 with the extreme body kit applied by the TAG Motorsports. Some of you might find it to aggressive and simply shocking, others might think of it as a Dark Vader-like space ship, and I find it simply magnificent. Simply because I love the BMW M4 and nothing will spoil its traditional design, even if fitted with the most extreme body kits.

And this BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports has it all, the wide body kit showing off with the race-like elements, such as the wide fenders, the carbon spoiler boot lid and front splitter, the huge rear diffuser, as well as the ultimate exhaust system from the Akrapovic tuner, which might hint us a power boost under the hood as well.

BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports
BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports

The entire body kit is complemented by the massive HRE RS100 wheels with the Brushed Titanium finish, all wrapped with the Michelin Pirelli rubbers. And now we can say that the work is complete, at least at the exterior. Under the hood, we might also expect a power boost from the same 3.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo unit, which in the present form develops 425 horsepower.

BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports
BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports

But so far, the TAG Motorsports have not given away the power boost or the performance figures, but we should definitely expect fresh news in the upcoming period. Meanwhile, enjoy the impressive photo gallery with this extreme BMW M4 by TAG Motorsports!


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