2017 BMW 5-Series Video Spy Snapshot

2017 BMW 5-Series Gets New Spy Video on the Ring

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A new generation of the present 5-Series is currently under intense testing on the German Ring, just as this new spy video is showing us today. This one seen here is a 5-Series prototype resembling the newly unveiled 7-Series.

It seems that the German based BMW will launch the new BMW 5-Series at the end of 2016, this model coming as a 2017 model. And judging by the video snapshot, we might be dealing here with a much longer wheelbase model as opposed to the present one.

2017 BMW 5-Series Video Spy Snapshot
2017 BMW 5-Series Video Spy Snapshot

Apart the long wheelbase, the 2015 BMW 5-Series is also likely to share some similarities with the recently unveiled 7-Series, meaning the same platform, which would bring about lightweight materials like carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength steel, as well as more space inside for advanced technology and the latest high-performance powertrains under the hood.

Apart the weight loss, the 2017 BMW 5-Series will also boast with technology inside, borrowing some key elements from the same 7-Series, which will make it one of the most advanced BMW models.

Under the hood, the 2017 BMW 5-Series is also rumored to share some of its engine lineup with the 2016 7-Series, meaning the 3.0-liter turbo diesel with 260 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque, along with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo B8 petrol engine with 450 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. More details will perhaps emerge at a later date, meanwhile, enjoy the spy video with the 2017 5-Series on the Ring!


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