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BMW’s i3 Owners Cannot Listen to AM Radio Stations Due to Electric Motor Interference

Nobody from BMW has ever bothered to solve the problem of not getting the AM modules fitted on the BMW i3 electric, as a lot of i3 drivers have complained of not offering an AM support for their cars.

In fact, BMW i3 did come fitted with the AM modules but because of the electric motor interference, they could not listen to any radio stations that used the AM bandwidths. And the issue was brought to BMW`s attention just recently.

BMW i3 Infotainment System

BMW i3 Infotainment System

Rebecca K. Kiehne from the technical communications at BMW explained the situation in a press release: “AM is not offered due to negative performance influences of the electromagnetic interference of the electric drivetrain. Electric motors cause interference on AM, which is why BMW decided to remove this option. While it could be offered, BMW’s performance standards are very high and we don’t offer a product that meets less than those high standards”.

But another BMW spokesman Dave Buchko, came out with a solution to this problem that could not have been solved from a technical point of view. All BMW i3 owners who wish to listen the AM radio stations are advised to use the second or the tertiary HD signals available on the car`s infotainment system, where the AM signal is good enough to reach different stations all over the country. Otherwise, try not to play with your i3`s software or you will get burnt.


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