E30 BMW M3 by PSI

E30 BMW M3 by PSI, Photo Gallery Released

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Remember the old timer but still high-performance 1988 E30 BMW M3, making quite a buzz on the crowded streets more than 25 years ago? I couldn’t forget as I used to roll my eyes down the window to be able to get a look inside, I was too short back then.

Anyway, the 1988 E30 BMW M3 is back in the spotlights, this particular model seen here representing the DTM Replica, which first appeared in the European Car Magazine issue, back in March 2014. The entire tuning program was carried out by the aftermarket specialists from the PSI tuner.

E30 BMW M3 by PSI
E30 BMW M3 by PSI

The 1988 E30 BMW M3 looks astonishing, with a lot of body style upgrades to carry out, which gives it a real racing feel and touch. The overall look is complemented by the one-off Hartge wheels. Apart the visual upgrades, this E30 BMW M3 DTM Replica has also received a power boost under the hood.

E30 BMW M3 by PSI
E30 BMW M3 by PSI

I am talking here about the fitting of the S50 engine, taken from the E36 BMW M3, now developing an impressive 282 horsepower. The power boost was also possible thanks to the new exhaust system, along with the RD Sport RHD headers and the 24 lb injectors.

E30 BMW M3 by PSI
E30 BMW M3 by PSI

Moving inside, the cabin of this E30 BMW M3 has also received some slight changes, like the bucket seats, a roll bar and a few more. Enjoy the photo gallery shared by Garret Wade and tell us what you think about this extraordinary piece of German engineering!


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