BMW - Leader on US Luxury Market

BMW Record Sales in June, Leader on US Luxury Market

The long battle for supremacy on the US luxury market is still taking place between the world`s first carmaker BMW and the world`s third auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, this being said, Audi or Volkswagen are out of the questions.

And now we have the official figures of both models in US, with June as the middle sales rank. And BMW has managed to keep the upper hand against Mercedes-Benz, with 5.6 percent more sales to be made, meaning 32,176 units to be sold in June.

BMW - Leader on US Luxury Market
BMW – Leader on US Luxury Market

On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz managed grow its sales by 5.8 percent over the last year`s period, with just 3,653 cars, even if as a whole, the later managed to have a 8.8 percent increase, while BMW took 7.1 percent, for the same January to June period.

With 168,623 units to be sold from January to June, BMW is closely followed by Mercedes-Benz, with 164,970 vehicles, while Lexus taking the third place, with 21,121 units, which means 11 percent over the same last year`s period.

Audi, another major player in the US, scored fourth place, with 8.3 percent achieved last month, and an overall sales of 93,615 cars being sold for the first half of the year.


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