2015 BMW i8

BMW Fuel-Efficient 588 MPG Might Be just Around the Corner

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BMW is on a constant hunt in finding new ways of keeping things under control from every point of view, but the heavy competition it receives especially from Tesla manufacturer, has pushed things further into looking solutions for more advanced and more fuel-efficient models.

And rumor has it that the Bavarian carmaker is presently working on a high fuel-efficient model, perhaps in the shape of the so called BMW 588 mpg, according to which the model would consume around 588 mpg in the United States, which is 0.4 liters for every 100 km/h.

2015 BMW i8
2015 BMW i8

Even if the carmaker has not yet confirmed this viable solution for its future models, other German sources are also stating that apart the outstanding fuel consumption, the future BMW 588 mpg would also come with almost 0 CO2 emissions. Well, metaphorically speaking of course, as we might be looking here at only 10 grams for each kilometer, which is unbelievable but also true.

2015 BMW i8
2015 BMW i8

We might conclude that the BMW 588 mpg might be the next BMW i8, and for the model to be that fuel-efficient, it would have to come with a more aerodynamic body, thanks to the extensive use of the carbon fiber composites, a common thing on today`s BMW i8.

Another advantage of the low CO2 emissions and the highly fuel-efficiency would be the conventional 2.0-cylinder unit, backed by a more efficient electric motor. Unfortunately, this is all we have got so far on the upcoming BMW 588 mpg, but stay tuned, as more news on that will emerge in the period to come.


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