2016 BMW 7-Series

2016 BMW 7-Series Pricing Guide in US

BMW unveiled the 2016 BMW 7-Series about a week ago and the model has been the subject of a lot of video galleries, massive photos as well as a lot of positive reviews, the luxurious model becoming thus the most legendary and iconic model from the Bavarian carmaker, especially since we are looking here at the direct rival of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

However, the 2016 BMW 7-Series is popping up in our news again, this time the carmaker announcing the prices it will come with when it will arrive the United States, at the beginning of 2016.

2016 BMW 7-Series
2016 BMW 7-Series

In the United States, the 2016 BMW 7-Series will arrive in three versions, the 740i, the 750i as well as the all-wheel 750i xDrive version. The 740i will be offered from $75,660, the 750i from $87,400 while the all-wheel 750i xDrive, will set you back at $97,400.

2016 BMW 7-Series
2016 BMW 7-Series

Each version will come with its own configuration concerning the different packages available. For instance, the US fans can choose the Autobahn Package, available at $4,100 and which comes with interesting features, such as the Integral Active Steering or the Active Comfort Drive with the Road Preview configuration.

2016 BMW 7-Series
2016 BMW 7-Series

And if you want to equip your 7-Series for the big snow, you can also get the winter package, available at only $400, with the Driver Assistance Plus adding another $1,900. And as already know, the M Sport Package is also handy, this one costing a spicy $3,400. Please, find below the full pricing guide with the 2016 BMW 7-Series in the United States, taken from BMW North America!


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