2016 BMW 7 Series

2016 G11/G12 BMW 7 Series Production

We have recently presented the impressive powertrain of the 2016 G11/G12 BMW 7-Series and now it is the time to unveil some insights with the production process of the high-end model.

The 2016 G11/G12 BMW 7-Series flagship will be built at the same BMW Group`s Plant Dingolfing, Germany, the same one where the model has been heavily produced since 1977, when the first 7-Series went out the production line.

2016 BMW 7 Series
2016 BMW 7 Series

This means that the plant is the perfect solution for manufacturing the new 7-Series, as it has also provided with high-end materials like CFRP for other carmakers within the BMW Group, like Rolls-Royce. Intuitively, this leads to the idea that the new limousine is also making use of the carbon fiber composites, which is part of the BMW`s EfficientLightweight programme.

2016 BMW 7 Series

But the production of the 2016 BMW 7-Series is a complex process, which combines the CFRP (carbon-fiber reinforced plastic) with other lightweight materials like aluminum or ultra-high strength steel for the body structure.

2016 BMW 7 Series
2016 BMW 7 Series

And the entire structure is not compactly built from the aforementioned lightweight materials, meaning that some parts of the body will be partially built, like the roof frame, which is “being built for the first time as a core-free, closed structural element”.

2016 BMW 7 Series
2016 BMW 7 Series

Along with the CFRP engineers from BMW have also come up with conjunctional materials to strengthen the car`s structure, like the use of “the ultra-high-tensile and hot-stamped steels”. Together they improve the stiffness of the body and reduce its weight, leading thus to improve performance.

UPDATE: G11/G12 BMW 7 Series Production (CFRP) Video Released


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