2014 BMW X5

2014 – 2015 BMW X5 Factory Recalled for Airbag Issues

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The BMW German based carmaker has sent back the X5 SUV to its factory, due to some airbag issues, which have affected the 2014 X5 and the 2015 X5 models. This comes after the carmaker has also issued a factory recall for around 1.6 million cars, concerning the 3-Series.

The factory recall was also confirmed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which has stated that the HPS or the Head Protection System might present unstable connection to the airbag inflator gas generator, which would lead to improperly inflation in case of impact.

2014 BMW X5
2014 BMW X5

Fortunatelly, there were not any injuries or casualties due to the airbag issues, but the NHTSA has declared that urgent actions must be taken in order to prevent any unfortunate events. Thus, all affected models must return to factory. The affected ones are the xDrive35d, built between August 19, 2014 and February, 2015.

2014 BMW X5
2014 BMW X5

Other versions of the X5 are also recalled, such as the xDrive35i, the sDrive35, or the xDrive50i, manufactured between August 18, 2013 and February 16, 2014. All affected cars will have the Head Protection System replaced, free of charge. In case you own a BMW X5 with the aforementioned versions, than you should also know that the recall will start with April 1, and mind that this is not an April Fool`s Day prank.

2014 BMW X5
2014 BMW X5

Also, make sure you contact your nearest BMW dealership, for a proper and immediate check out, followed by a free of charge HPS replacement.


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