BMW i8 Lime Green

BMW i8 with flashy Lime Green exterior seen in Abu Dhabi

We’ve seen the BMW i8 several times, mostly sporting a blue, eco-friendly looking finish. This time, the German fuel-efficient sports car was fitted with a flash Lime Green finish.

Of course, it was display at the BMW Abu Dhabi dealership, a place where we have seen several interesting models, most of them sport the M Performance parts.

BMW i8 Lime Green
BMW i8 Lime Green

Besides the special exterior finish, there’s nothing else special at this BMW i8. Moreover, it seems that we talk about an exterior wrap rather than a fresh paint job.

BMW i8 Lime Green
BMW i8 Lime Green

It would be interesting to know if this model is available to buy, mainly considering that there’s a quite big waiting list for the German hybrid sports car.

BMW i8 Lime Green
BMW i8 Lime Green

With this been said, be sure to check the photo gallery below for a closer look at this BMW i8. If you happen to visit Abu Dhabi, you might consider paying a visit at this dealership as there seem to be a lot of interesting models on display.


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