BMW M3 with Remus Exhaust System

BMW M3/M4 with Remus Exhaust System

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Along with the fast growing auto industry, a lot of specialized tuning divisions emerge at the surface, capable of providing the necessary equipment and upgrade parts, to change and shape the way sports cars look. It is also the case of the newly founded Remus tuning division, which is specialized in custom-made exhaust systems, already gaining famous in the most famous exhaust companies around the globe.

The Remus tuning division has recently managed to fit the new BMW M3 and BMW M4 with a unique yet complex exhaust system, which adds great design value to the models. The exhaust system enhanced on the sports cars also provide a more aggressive stance, while the sound it outputs when revving the engine is also spectacular.

BMW M3 with Remus Exhaust System
BMW M3 with Remus Exhaust System

The exhaust system by Remus consists of a 5-mm wide stainless-steel X-pipe which gives the M3 and M4 the unique sound, by eliminating “the front silencer and the secondary catalytic convertors.”

Remus Exhaust System
Remus Exhaust System

More than that, the exhaust system by Remus can be easily customized as well, by adding some tips with 4 x 102-mm carbon fiber angles with titanium internals, angled chrome as well as non-angled stainless with carbon insert.

Remus Exhaust System
Remus Exhaust System

Fitted with the new Remus exhaust system, both models have also achieved an increase in power, meaning that the BMW M3 is now outputting 533 horsepower, while the M4 is churning 481 horsepower.


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