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BMW M Models Will Receive AWD

Up until a couple of years ago we were used to seeing BMW models wearing the famous rear-wheel drive layout, but as technology progressed, so did the German based carmaker, which has adopted a different attitude towards drivetrain possibilities, and launched BMW cars with front-wheel drive layout, while also developing the all-wheel layout technology on its most powerful M models.

But why this decisive turn? The fast growing auto technology and performance as well as the heavy competition, has led to strict swifts in the company`s strategy, according to which at least the M5 and the M6 models will receive an xDrive version.

BMW M Models Will Receive AWD

BMW M Models Will Receive AWD

The AWD performance comes with a whole lot of advantages when driving on different road conditions or on bad weather conditions. It allows the driver to better handle and control the car in tight corners, on snowy conditions or other difficult situations.

Even if the company`s philosophy will remain the rear-wheel drive performance, the all-wheel drive technology will give drivers the possibility and the chance of exploring their powerful M vehicles to the max and will allow BMW to keep one feet in front of the its heavy competitors like Audi or Mercedes-Benz.


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