Future BMW M6

BMW Boss Friedrich Nitschke Talks about Future BMW M Products and Models

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Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the future BMW M boss, has big plans with the M division, announcing a lot of new M components, naturally aspirated engines or the upcoming of BMW i8 M.

First off, the former Audi-quattro boss, Friedrich Nitschke intends to reinvent the BMW M models, by launching all-wheel drive layout BMW M5 and M6.

Future BMW M6
Future BMW M6

Rumored for long time, the AWD BMW M5 and M6 will confirm the competition set against the Mercedes AMG, especially in the Northern part of America.

BMW M V10  Engine
BMW M V10 Engine

Another important goal that Nitschke intends to achieve is the development of naturally-aspirated engines as a viable solution against the turbocharged powertrains.

BMW i8 M Supercar
BMW i8 M Supercar

Thus, Nitschke confirmed that 10-cylinder engines are already in development, but until the new regulations will be approved, the V8 twin-turbo will remain the main option for the BMW M cars.

To make things complete, the BMW M boss is also planning to return to traditionalism, as the front-wheel drive M and the manual transmission will be introduced.

Finally, the planning of the next BMW i8 M sports car is also one of the top priority of Nitschke. We will wait and see if everything goes according as planned.


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