BMW i3 airbags

BMW recalls some i3 and 2014 Mini Cooper

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Recalls are not that uncommon nowadays, with various manufacturers either forced or from their own volition trying their best to fix the mistakes that find their way in.

BMW recently had to recall some models, or rather to expand an older recall.

BMW i3 airbags
BMW i3 airbags

The issue is related to the airbag system, and the models that were added to the recall list are the BMW i3 and the 2014 Mini Cooper. While any kind of issue with the airbag system can be considered an extra risk of injury in the case of an accident, if we were to get down to it, the issue is with the airbag inflator.

Luckily, the total number of models that were added to the recall is just 27 units, which is one the smallest recall numbers i have seen in a while. These include the BMW i3 units built on March 31st and the Mini Cooper units built from February 2nd to May 30th.


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