BMW i3

New BMW i3 filmed while self-parking

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Vali Porcisteanu is a well-known Romanian rally driver who won the 2011 edition of the Romanian Rally Championship. He decided to try the Parking Assistant system on the new BMW i3 electric vehicle.

The German car won’t park itself if you don’t hold the button until the end of the procedure but he managed to keep it pushed so the car will park even though he jumped off the car.

BMW i3
BMW i3

In order to park itself, the BMW i3 uses sensors and a radar for detecting a suitable parking spot.

Self-parking vehicles are not something new but this one is a little bit special as there’s no passenger in the front seat.

As a reminder, the BMW i3 made its debut exactly one year ago and is now available in Germany at a starting price of €34,950. In the UK, buyers can get the i3 at £25,680 thanks to the £5,000 government grant.


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