BMW i8 Suppliers

BMW i8 Suppliers Revealed

The Automotive News have just launched the full list of suppliers for the newly unveiled BMW i8 hybrid supercar.

This is no surprise that the list with the suppliers reveal the technology that the BMW i8 hybrid car is using, making it a state of the art supercar.

BMW i8 Suppliers
BMW i8 Suppliers

We are talking thus about companies like Osram, which provides the i8 with the headlamps for the next gen of the supercar that would sport laser high beams.

Brembo is another famous supplier that would equip the i8 with its famous high-performance brakes, while the Johnson Controls manufactures the Cooling Fan Module.

Another important supplier is Delphi, the company which makes the portable electric vehicle charger for the almighty BMW i8 hybrid supercar.

To be a reminder, the BMW i8 hybrid is manufactured in Germany, at the BMW`s plant in Leipzig, which has now been modernized in order to cope with the high demands for the i3 and the i8.

According to HIS Automotive, the BMW is planning to manufacture more than 7,000 units in 2015, with the model coming equipped with the long-expected laser high-beams.


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