BMW i3

BMW i3 – A Closer Look inside the Repair Shop

The BMW i3 is an amazing and revolutionary vehicle, but when it comes to repairing, only the German technicians can offer a closer look inside the repair shop.

Inside the repair shop, all you can see is carbon fiber anywhere, as the model makes intensive use of this component. The component weighs 50 percent less than traditional steel and around 30 percent less than the aluminum.

BMW i3
BMW i3

Other than that, we might as well be talking about the most important part of the i3 electric, which is the Drive Module, which houses the 22 kWh battery, the chassis as well as the 170 horsepower electric motor.

Thus, when talking about repairs made on the BMW i3, we are actually talking about a total repair process, with the components being completely taken down and replaced.

In terms of costs, the German based automaker stated that the expenses on the i3 are rather similar with those from the BMW 1 Series, since once the carbon fiber is broken, there is no room for repairing, only for replacing.


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