ActiveE Electric Bimmers Crushed

BMW started crushing ActiveE vehicles

Not everybody knows that much about BMW’s ActiveE project, and who could blame them, as BMW seems to pile on such programs.

But if that is not common knowledge, the fact that most vehicles that partake in such programs will be recycled at the end is.

ActiveE Electric Bimmers Crushed
ActiveE Electric Bimmers Crushed

A recent picture caught on the road displays exactly that: BMW starting to recycle the converted 1 series that were used as prototypes in the ActiveE program. Many who drove such a vehicle will feel a bit sad and might be inclined to even buy these cars, but laws are pretty much clear, and the truck filled with crushed Bimmers will attest to that.

Still, not everything is scraped and recycled. A few units that took part in the project will be kept at various dealerships and even enrolled in the DriveNow fleet. Also, all batteries were kept to be used for study in Battery Second Life research, which is exactly what it sounds like.


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