BMW X4 M Rendering

BMW X4 M rendering

If it were up to some BMW enthusiasts, pretty much every model the Germans make should have one M Division variant.

Alas, that is not the case, especially when we talk about the car maker’s SUVs, but that doesn’t stop fans from dreaming.

BMW X4 M Rendering
BMW X4 M Rendering

One particular requested M model is a BMW X4 M, and some even went so far as to render one such model. In reality, the chances to actually see it on the streets anytime soon are null, as M Divion CEO, Dr. Friedrich Nitschke states. However, he did not rule it out completely, so for those still hoping for one, hold on.

“I think in parallel to bring an X4 M version we are fixed in our capacity of engineering resources and therefore at the moment it is difficult for us to develop a lot of real M cars. The X4 is the sportiest version of the X3 and in the future maybe we will bring such a car, but we won’t be doing it in this model cycle”.


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