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Drivers Get Behind BMW i3, Choose to Buy It with Online Configurator

The driving of the BMW i3 might be a real life experience, but you would never feel it unless you are behind its wheel.

BMW has decided to let some drivers test the i3, while observing their reaction along the way, through some cameras mounted in the electric vehicle.

Drivers Get Behind BMW i3

Drivers Get Behind BMW i3

The results were a real hit or a wonderful surprise if you like, since they were astonished by the car`s high-tech cabin and the instant torque or the silence of the car.

More than that, the drivers have experienced something that couldn’t have been done while performing a role play.

Drivers got the chance to drive a silence electric car, handling the car beautifully along the road. The experience was also enhanced by the possibility of driving both an all-electric and a range-extended model.

More than that, the online configurator for the BMW i3 electric is now available, with the possibility of customizing the electric car the way you want it.

There are a lot of options to choose from, as you could actually replace the standard trims with some customized ones like the Giga, Tera or Mega packages, all available with different options.


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