BMW M Festival

BMW announced the M Festival on June the 20th

We have a lot of festivals out there, more or less official, that celebrate the great craftsmanship BMW has displayed over the years.

There is even a very nice gathering that caters specifically to the M Division of the German car maker.

BMW M Festival
BMW M Festival

Called the M Festival, it was set on June the 20th this year, and anyone willing to pay the entry fee will get to see all that is new with BMW’s M Division and so much more. In order to get in, you need to fork out €449, which will account for three days of fun and plenty of activities.

Said activities and advantages include an entrance ticket to the 24 hours race at the Nurburgring, access to pretty much all the M Festival areas, around the clock catering (most of which is included) and a whole lot more. You even get a the parking included. All in all, for almost €450, you get a nice vacation as any, provided you are a fan of the BMW M Division.


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