BMW i3 Configurator

BMW i3 Configurator Already Online Comes with Advanced Features

The BMW has already launched the online configurator for its i3 model on its website, with the program revealing some interesting features.

Now, on the German based automaker BMW`s configurator, you can customize your own i3, as it is so advanced, that it allows you to try any trim level that you like.

BMW i3 Configurator
BMW i3 Configurator

Thus, the i3 configurator comes with the Tera World, the Giga World and Mega World. Now, if we take each turn, we could find out more about the three level trims.

The funny name Mega World is actually the base trim, while the Giga World trim, priced at $1,700 comes with leather-and-wool seats in two colors, along with some 19-inch wheels and leather-covered IP.

The Tera World can be yours for $2,700 as the trim allows you to use full leather for the interior, along with the same 19-inch wheels.

As for the colors you get to choose from, we might be talking about a limited six-number, with four metallic items and two non-metallic features.

Inside, the number is even more limited, with only three trim levels to choose from. Each one comes with the Parking Assistant Package with automatic parking, park distance, all for $1,000.


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