BMW Ultimate Driver Challenge

BMW starts the second phase of their Ultimate driver challenge

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A few weeks ago, BMW announced they were looking for fresh blood to put behind the steering wheel of their cars, and thus the Ultimate Driver challenge was issued.

Basically, anyone thinking that can take on such a responsibility was welcome to apply and hope they would get chosen by the car maker.

BMW Ultimate Driver Challenge
BMW Ultimate Driver Challenge

The challenge drew in 7.000 applicants, and after careful selections, only 40 people still remain in the run. Now the real fun begins. While the first phase was purely theoretical, the second one, which just kicked off, gets to the good part of this whole thing.

BMW Ultimate Driver Challenge
BMW Ultimate Driver Challenge

The 40 drivers were put behind the wheel of the brand new BMW 2 Series and were sent off to prove they are the best. To this end, a series of challenges were devised, from drifting to telemetry challenges, the course has it all. The 40 drivers should feel lucky to be a port of it even if they don’t actually win it all. If the actual experience is even half as fun as it looks like on video, it would be worth the trouble.


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