BMW i8 on the Nurburgring

BMW i8 found some issues on the Nurburgring

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The highly anticipated BMW hybrid sportcar, the i8, is on the last stretch, with production already well underway.

But while we await for the first units to be shipped, we take a look back and see that the development was not all just smooth sailing.

BMW i8 on the Nurburgring
BMW i8 on the Nurburgring

It is true that a lot of tech that went into it was already tested on the smaller i3, as the two models share plenty, but some issues still arose. While BMW doesn’t make a habit of sharing them with us, we did get to see an early i8 prototype experience issues on the Nurburgring.

BMW i8 on the Nurburgring
BMW i8 on the Nurburgring

During a test run, the car started to slow down and eventually pulled over on the grass. As it was later explained, some brake fault was discovered. Still, the car managed to ride off on its own, so it must not have been something serious. Of course, we shouldn’t expect to see any braking issues once the BMW i8 arrives to owners, because that’s exactly test runs like this exist.


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