BMW ZZZ Series

BMW announces the ZZZ Series

I have to admit the clever name eluded me for a second. At least until I understood exactly what the BMW ZZZ Series actually is.

In a few words, the ZZZ Series is a baby cot designed by the German manufacturer to give your child the best sleep ever.

BMW ZZZ Series
BMW ZZZ Series

Announced today, the ZZZ Series will be available with the 2 Series Active Tourer, to complete the experience of a family vehicle they planned for it. And the BMW craftsmanship is abundant in this rather interesting accessory. It’s got everything from integrated climate control, push start button, LED ambient lighting to a moisture detection system and even four motion settings.

BMW ZZZ Series
BMW ZZZ Series

So next time you put your baby to sleep in the BMW ZZZ Series, you can make sure he gets a City Drive, Open Road, Race Track or even Off Road kind of sleep. And that’s just the standard version. It seems that soon after, BMW M Division will take a whack at the ZZZ Series. And of all times to announce this, they picked April 1st. Weird, right?


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