1958 BMW 600

1958 BMW 600 auctioned off

If you had around $55.000 budget for a car right now and decided to go for a BMW, which would you go for?

Maybe a 5 Series, or you could even save up a little more and grab a very nice M3. Or, you could try and make a grab at a nice piece of BMW history, like a 1958 BMW 600.

1958 BMW 600
1958 BMW 600

That is exactly what happened to this vehicle, as the car managed to find a new owner for $55.000. Looking at it, you might see the resemblance with the slightly more popular Isetta, and for good reson. The BMW 600 was designed as an alternative to the way too small Isetta.

1958 BMW 600
1958 BMW 600

BMW elongated the wheelbase and added one extra door, all to make room for a couple of back seats. Powering this little vehicles is a 582 cc engine capable of delivering 26 Hp. Produced between years 1957 and 1959, BMW managed to sell around 35.000 units.

1958 BMW 600
1958 BMW 600

The one we presented is a mint condition BMW 600 that was restored for the purpose of auction and now the new owner promised he will present it in various shows. A very nice purchase, although he won’t be able to do doughnuts with the BMW 600.


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