Video: BMW E36 M3 Coupe Spinning on Track with Hummer H3 Behind

The tight and tough corners of the Nurburgring track also proved to be difficult for a BMW E36 M4 Coupe whose driver seemed to lost control of the spinning car while entering the corner.

The BMW driver came a little bit closer in the corner and tried to maneuver the car with an opposite lock. Unfortunately, the car began to spin with the driver seemingly trying to overtake control.

More than that, the video rendered with the car in action, shows more than the car spinning, as a Hummer H3 is just behind the German car, ready to crash into it.

Fortunately, no one got hurt, neither the driver nor the car, with the Hummer getting out of the crash, though we are wondering what was the H3 doing on the track.

Even if the video is no longer than 11 seconds, we can assure you that it is fun to watch and also very exciting! Enjoy it! Don’t forget to share your comments on the Hummer H3 being just a bit behind the M3 Coupe!


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