BMW i8 Louis Vuitton bags

Louis Vuitton to make carbon fiber bags for the BMW i8

Since you are on this blog, I will assume you pretty much know all there is to know about BMW’s hybrid sportscar, the i8.

What might come as a surprise even to the more knowledgeable fans is the recent accessory being manufactured to go along with the i8.

BMW i8 Louis Vuitton bags
BMW i8 Louis Vuitton bags

It seems that the car giant has shaken hands with the fashion industry mogul, Louis Vuitton in order to bring a bit more style to the package. A whole series of handbags will be produced adopting a similar ideology and even technology as the BMW i8.

BMW i8 Louis Vuitton bags
BMW i8 Louis Vuitton bags

The bags will be the lightest bags of their type, and it will be possible by using the same materials the German car maker is using to keep weight down on their products. I am speaking about carbon fiber, of course. While I like the idea of using a product to sell another, I am not so sure about this particular collaboration.


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