BMW`s Carbon Fiber Production

BMW to Expand Carbon Fiber Usage on Future Production

I wrote some time ago about the collaboration that the BMW has closed-up with the SGL Group, the company responsible with the carbon fiber delivery for the German cars.

As a result, the two firms are expanding the site in Germany in order to handle the high demands for the carbon fiber parts, which the BMW is planning to use for future production of its newer models.

BMW`s Carbon Fiber Production
BMW`s Carbon Fiber Production

The reason the carbon fiber is so wanted is that is lighter up to 30 percent than aluminum and up to around 50 percent than steel. Other than that, it is strong enough and can “boost rigidity and improve weight balance,” to state

BMW i8 Hybrid
BMW i8 Hybrid

The main disadvantage of the carbon fiber is that it takes longer to produce, but special bonding processes are being developed along with a greater autonomy.

As we already know, carbon fiber reinforced plastic or simply CFRP, is usually used for roof panels and bumper supports, but the German luxury car is thinking out of the box for its future products.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

They want to use the carbon fiber for the manufacturing of the next generation of the MINI brand as well as for the future models of the Rolls-Royce.


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