BMW i3 Electric

BMW and SGL Carbon to Toughen Joint Forces for Future i3 and i8 Hybrid Production

The Handelsblatt newspaper from Germany reports that there were sources inside the BMW German Company, stating that the automaker is planning to double their team efforts and their partnership with the SGL Carbon specialist, for a future production of more than 6,000 tones per year.

With more than 100 million euros recently being invested, the Germany and the US have solidified their partnership to increase demands of the company`s i3 electric and i8 hybrid sports cars.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

In the past, the company managed to sell more than 11,000 units since the i3 was first released in Germany, while the i8, due to come in mid-2014, has already exceeded demands for its first year.

BMW i8 Hybrid
BMW i8 Hybrid

We don’t know exactly when this future production will start, as neither the SGL Carbon nor the BMW automaker hasn’t yet reported.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

What they did state was that they have prepared the “scenery” for the upcoming plans for increase production.

BMW i8 Hybrid
BMW i8 Hybrid

Typically for the Germans, they now have enough carbon fiber for the i3 and i8 models to handle the expected future demands.


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