2015 BMW i8 laser headlights

World`s Premiere with BMW`s i8 to Receive Laser Lights for the 2015 Production Line

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All BMW models have their own personality and distinctive futuristic look, and it now seems that the German based automaker will equip the i8 electric with laser headlights, starting with the 2015 models, which have already entered the production and would come on sales later this year with a starting price of $135,935.

There are a series of advantages that laser lights bring. We are talking about LED lighting offering a better light, being energy efficient and providing a finer control over the incandescent or gas discharge lighting.

2015 BMW i8 laser headlights
2015 BMW i8 laser headlights

Laser lights are different from the basic lighting, because they are monochromatic, with only one wavelength for the lights, rather than the ordinary lights that have color spectrum.

The result is that the light is by far more intense, reaching as far as 600 meters or even double the range of LEDs, with a precise control over the beam pattern.

2015 BMW i8 laser headlights
2015 BMW i8 laser headlights

With this advantage in mind, you save space inside the headlights when installing them on the car, but you will also reduce weight, as one headlight is the equivalent of ten LEDs.

2015 BMW i8 laser headlights
2015 BMW i8 laser headlights

BMW is the first car maker to deliver this technology that has been previously announced by other automakers, as the company is first offering the laser lights as optional on the i8 green.

In the years to come, other BMW models will be receiving laser headlights as standard.


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