2015 BMW X6 M

2015 BMW X6 M in Spied Photos

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BMW is preparing its next-generation of X5 M and X6 M to be the outstanding SUVs on the market, as the models will make their debut somewhere probably at the end of the year.

Since we have already seen the prototype of the upcoming X5 M in spied photos, this would be our first time to reveal, also caught in the act, the X6 M prototype.

2015 BMW X6 M
2015 BMW X6 M

The SUV in the pictures is definitely the new X6 M, because of the very aggressive front bumper, featuring larger intakes and wider air dam.

As for the X6 M`s power, we might state that the SUV is a monster under the hood. We are talking about a 4.4-liter V8 engine with a rough 555 horsepower.

2015 BMW X6 M
2015 BMW X6 M

If things go pretty well for the new X6 M, the German luxury automaker is likely to carry on with this powerful powerplant, even if the basic drivetrain is supposed to remain the same.

The car might also feature carbon fiber and other light material that would significantly reduce the weight, as the engineers from BMW were working on an engine stop-start system for the SUV.

2015 BMW X6 M
2015 BMW X6 M

With reduce weight, thus comes a greater fuel economy, also due to the vehicle`s dual-clutch transmission, which would replace the automatic from the present model.


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