i3 by Lumma Design

BMW i3 and i8 Customized by Lumma Design

The two i-range models have been receiving both criticisms and round of applauses for their looks, specially customized by Lumma Design, with the i3 seen as the “ugly” one, but the i8 standing at the opposite pole.

With all that, the i3 as well as the i8 are constantly gaining the world`s respect and popularity with their high specs, thin carbon fiber layers, being eco-friendly and offering the performance we have never expected to see.

The two polarizing hybrid-in cars receive the magic touch of the Lumma Design for a more exotic look, due to the great features it has to offer to both i3 and i8.

i3 by Lumma Design
i3 by Lumma Design

The i3 wears the 22-inch Lumma CLR wheels, with the body being augmented with a carbon fiber lip for the front bumper and new side skirts, that give the car a whole new look.

i8 by Lumma Desing
i8 by Lumma Desing

On the other hand, the i8 enhances a carbon fiber front spoiler and side skirts, with bespoke matte black wheels and green accents.

The two BMWs are only renderings, but we hope that soon they hit the production line as soon as the i8 will go for sale.


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