BMW M235i

BMW M2 Possibly More Powerful and Lighter than the Present M235i?

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The BMW German division is receiving success after success with its 2-Series being an instant hit at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and with its expansion plans for the 2- Series in Australia.

But the German luxury manufacturer doesn’t stop here, as it goes forward with the possibility of launching a new brand, which might be the M2.

BMW M235i
BMW M235i

The very likely M2 might be the little brother of the 2-Series, resembling its bigger M235i in what concerns its full specs and design, both at the exterior and also inside.

As the M235i indicates, the new series might be lighter, more tuned and with a whole lot of power involved than the actual M235i. It would be a serious indication that the M2 might lose some 300 pounds for the US model.

BMW M235i
BMW M235i

And the key to success is having more power into a lighter car. So we might also be talking about an impressive performance of the new M2 which would sport a powerful engine developing somewhere around 400 horsepower between the M235i and the S55 from the new M3 and M4.

BMW M235i
BMW M235i

If it will arrive, the new M2 might be hitting the market before the 2016 model year, with an auto show debut sometime in late 2015 or early 2016.


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