2014 F10 M5

Hagerty to Nominate the 2014 F10 BMW M5 as the Future Classic for Its Class

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BMW is receiving a lot of laurels lately, especially now, when Hagerty, the leading insurance provider for classic vehicles, has nominated the F10 M5 as the future classic for its class.

To state Hagerty, F10 M5 is considered that performance sedan with the same old manual transmission ready heading towards extinction.

2014 F10 BMW M5
2014 F10 BMW M5

Since drivers all around the world are looking forward to driving a car with an automatic transmission, BMW is receiving a lot of applause for keeping the manual transmission alive for the segment.

2014 F10 BMW M5
2014 F10 BMW M5

With Hagerty announcing the “Hot list” of the future collectible vehicles, the classic experts made their predictions on the Most Collectible 2014 Model Year Cars.

2014 F10 BMW M5
2014 F10 BMW M5

To enter the “Hot list” of Hagerty, the vehicles must be made within the 2014 model year with an MSRP of less than $100,000.
President of Hagerty, McKeel Hagerty says that while most new cars enhance new high-tech technology and alternative power sources, a collectible future car must retain classic characteristics as a manual transmission.

This is the case of the BMW F10 M5 Sedan, which received the second place on the Hagerty list, after the Jaguar F-Type R, priced at $99,000 and coming with a rear drive platform.

The BMW F10 M5 Sedan, won the second place with a price of $92,900 and coming with a manual transmission.


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