2016 BMW X1

The 2016 Front Wheel Drive BMW X1 on the Move

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BMW is preparing the launch a new era of high tech luxury car, for its segments on the go, and no matter what some may think, the car manufacturer might be a winner this year in front of Mercedes-Benz`s models.

I am referring to the fresh new X1 that has been reviewed for several times now and all things came surprisingly well and impressed. The BMW X1 is actually a multitude of parts, taking the platform from E8X or E9X or adding the N20 and the great ZF 8 speed auto.

2016 BMW X1
2016 BMW X1

The X1 is thus a very enjoyable drive with a lots of efficiency and utility features. On top of that, if you take the AWD 2.0 four-cylinder from N20 and put it on the X1, you have one of the best BMWs in the recent history.

2016 BMW X1
2016 BMW X1

IS the new F48 front wheel drive based worthy of these compliments from its fellow BMW vehicles? If it does, then the car would be lighter and perhaps a little bit smaller, as it would be based on the same platform as the next generation of MINI Countryman.

2016 BMW X1
2016 BMW X1

It would also come with electronically boosted steering which sometimes may lead to a lack of natural flaw on the road. Instead, the car is happy to deliver more space inside, better efficiency and more technology. Sounds like a blast?


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