BMW M3 Sedan vs. M4 Coupe

How the F81 BMW M3 Touring Could Look Like If It Was on Its Way

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With the new BMW M3 Sedan and the M4 Coupe having their launch next summer, followed by M4 Grand Coupe in 2015, people have started to question themselves how would the next generation of F81 BMW Touring would look like in the future?

Since there are rumors stating the upcoming of a F81 M3 Touring, a lot of artists have displayed their talents with photos featuring the rear-end design of a new M3 Touring.

BMW M3 Sedan vs. M4 Coupe
BMW M3 Sedan vs. M4 Coupe

There is a photoshoped image building the F81 around the F80 M3 with looks of the F31 Touring.

Possible BMW F81 BMW Touring
Possible BMW F81 BMW Touring

If we look back, we might state that the M3 Touring ever build, never saw the daylight. All we could find buried deep in the underground garages of the BMW M is an E46 BMW M3 Touring, which has never set foot on the tracks, due to the homologation issues and profit plans.

BMW F80 M3
BMW F80 M3

Perhaps the F81 BMW Touring might have the six-cylinder engine of the E46 M3, if it was to arrive. Other than that, it would produce a roughly 343 horsepower with only a 5 second run from o to 62 mph.

We will wait and see what happens next.


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