BMW i3

BMW sold 400 i3 units in Europe

The numbers are reported for the month of November, and they are quite low considering how well the car was received.

But before you start questioning the car maker, there are a few things we should take into consideration.

BMW i3
BMW i3

First off, it’s only fair to mention that the BMW i3 was not available for the full month, so 400 units were reached in just two weeks. On top of that add the fact that BMW decided to start small, giving time for enough feedback to reach them before ramping up production.

BMW i3
BMW i3

To put thing into perspective, if you were to order your very own BMW i3 right now, you would have to wait until at least April for it. And that is if you don’t opt for the version fitted with the range extender, which would mean an even longer wait, estimated around July. Considering all this, in the next period we should see a steady increase in monthly number of units sold by BMW.


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